Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Dawnlight Party – a new party in Estonia and in Europe

Koiduvalgus – uus erakond Eestis ja Euroopas

Dawnlight Party – what is this?

Estonia at dusk is waiting for a new dawn!

Europe today needs a new vision!

This will happen if we all, strong in will, act side by side!

              Our goals and methods

        General goal: Life worth of living for everyone!

        Main goals (subgoals):

        Nature-friendly society!
        Society-friendly economy!
        Human-friendly country!
        Friendly relations with other countries!

Wishing you strength in choosing the right way,

Dawnlight Party

Matti Masing,
Open World

E-mail for your thoughts: koiduvalgus(at)
E-mail for activities: matti(at)